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EntreChem closed a financing round totaling 1 million EUR

June 22th, 2012 - Oviedo (Spain)

EntreChem closed a financing round totaling 1 million EUR ($1.25M) with existing shareholders of the company. This all-private funding significantly strengthens the capacities of research and development of the biotech company. These capital contributions help keep 100% ownership under local control, with Francisco Moris confirmed as Managing Director of the firm.

The capital raised represents a firm commitment by private investors with EntreChem's future development plans. The funds will help complete preclinical studies of EC-8042 and EC-70124, the company two leading drugs in oncology, and help position the company for clinical trials.

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EntreChem SL is focused on the discovery and development of new drugs by bacterial genetic engineering and biocatalysis, and maintains collaborations with high-level academic labs in Europe and the USA for oncology development.

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