EntreChem SL is the only biotechnology company in the world using synthetic biology to develop hybrid natural products close to clinical trials.

A biotech company focused on optimizing natural anticancer products

EntreChem expertise on synthetic biology enables development of a pipeline of drugs for oncology approaching clinical trials.

EntreChem brings value to the natural products field by developing complex molecules not accessible using synthetic chemistry.

Latest news…

Hybrid natural products close to clinical trials


Taking full advantage of our solid experience has enabled the advancement of our drug pipeline.

EntreChem’s promise: synergic poly-pharmacology in a single drug, a solution to overcome current treatment limitations.

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How we fight Ewing sarcoma?


A well-founded opportunity to treat pediatric and rare cancers.

EC-8042 – first in class transcriptional reprogramming agent for tumors with deregulated transcription.

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What are the benefits of multi-kinase inhibition?


Fighting Acute Myeloid Leukemia with a next-generation kinase inhibitor.

EC-70124 – a novel and superior triple FLT3-PIM-SYK inhibitor for the treatment of AML.

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How do we make drugs?


Engineering nature to fight cancer

Chemical space of selected natural products is expanded in order to de-toxify and improve the efficacy of anticancer molecules of natural origin.

EntreChem is a world-leader in advanced synthetic biology tools allow to increase the reach of combinatorial biosynthesis.

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Worlwide community of collaborators


EntreChem participates successfully in Spanish and International projects to fuel development of new technology and products.

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Excellent research, positive results


Selected outcomes of our internal and collaborative endeavors are published regularly in high impact journals.

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Pamplona, SPAIN
Sept 29th – Oct 1st, 2021

Hamburg, GERMANY
November, 11-13th, 2019

October, 24-26th, 2019
Gobierno del Principado de Asturias
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