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EntreChem is a biotechnology start-up company founded as a spin-off of the University of Oviedo in 2005 by one scientist-turned entrepreneur (Francisco Morís, Ph.D. Organic Chemistry) and two professors of the Microbiology (Prof. José A. Salas) and Organic Chemistry (Prof. Vicente Gotor) Departments. The company, located in Asturias, northern Spain, started operations in 2006.

EntreChem focuses on novel products obtained by metabolic pathway engineering, particularly combinatorial biosynthesis of bacterial natural products produced by microbial fermentation with application in the pharmaceutical (antitumorals, antibiotics, antifungals) or agricultural (bioinsecticides, herbicides) markets.

EntreChem is also active on biocatalysis, offering enantiomerically pure products as well as services for custom synthesis of optically pure compounds, helping our clients in the scale-up technology transfer process, as needed, and, when possible, meeting the goals of sustainable chemistry.

Our technology delivers solutions aimed to facilitate the development of pharmaceutical intermediates and novel products for the drug discovery and fine chemicals industry.

We look forward to hearing from your soon, and thank you for your interest in EntreChem SL.

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