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EntreChem SL is a spin-off company of the University of Oviedo (Spain), focused on the discovery and development of new drugs, mainly for oncology, from bacterial sources applying metabolic pathway genetic engineering and biocatalysis technologies. EntreChem also offers enantiomerically pure chiral building blocks, specifically high optical and chemical purity aminoalcohols and diamines for Medicinal Chemistry or Pharmaceutical Intermediates.

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Pamplona, SPAIN
Sept 29th - Oct 1st, 2020

Hamburg, GERMANY
November, 11-13th, 2019

5th International Conference Acute Myeloid Leukemia "Molecular and Translational": Advances in Biology and Treatment

October, 24-26th, 2019

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EntreChem's technology consists of a mix of combinatorial biosynthesis, genetic engineering and biocatalysis working under the same roof to discover new products for human health, mainly in the field of cancer, as well as to develop novel biotecnology processes to produce pharmaceutical intermediates.

EntreChem’s strategy consists of patenting new molecules from our drug discovery programs and developing the candidates into preclinical and early stage clinical targets for subsequent licesing-out to interested partners with experience in advanced clinical development.

EntreChem main focus is the Drug Discovery and Development of novel compounds, using bioactive natural products as leads to discover new analogues with improved properties to be developed as preclinical candidates.

Our pipeline is currently at preclinical stage and the most advanced products are two anticancer compounds: an inhibitor of VEGF and c-myc by modulation of Sp1 transcription factor and a novel, selective and potent Ikkb kinase inhibitor for the NF-kB signal transduction pathway.

Chiral building blocks are essential to create sophisticated libraries in Medicinal Chemistry, or as raw materials for chiral APIs Process Development.

We offer 20 chiral Amino Alcohols and 12 chiral Diamines of high enantiomeric and chemical purity. These products are available in laboratory amounts and in bulk, since processes can be scaled up to pilot plant level.

EntreChem's high quality and scalability is validated by agreements with major cataloguists to widen the distribution of our specialty products.

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