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Chiral Building Blocks and Pharmaceutical Intermediates: Optically pure Amino Alcohols and Diamines

Modification of only one out of several identical functional groups in a molecule is a fundamental challenge to organic chemists, for example the regioselective modification of polyhydroxy compounds.

Along the same lines, orthogonal protection strategies enable attachment and cleavage of different protecting groups to multifunctional molecules, and it is a valuable tool for the synthesis of a wide range of hydroxy- and amino compounds.

The adequate arrangement of protecting groups attached to the diamines allow us to prepare valuable orthogonally protected cycloalkane-1,2-diamines and 1,2-amino-alcohols in enantiomerically pure form. The protecting groups bear easily removable susbtituents, which allows to differentiate both functional groups for the modular synthesis of a wide and novel range of derivatives.

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We provide products on the following categories of compounds:

enantiomerically pure chiral diamines

enantiomerically pure chiral aminoalcohols

enantiomerically pure chiral aminoindanes

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